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NZ Travel Photographer of the Year

The Travel CATEGORY is for NON-COMPOSITE entries

Photographs that illustrate a destination or culture, and communicate some aspect of travel, even if the location is local. Travel relates to an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs and history. Photographs should express or reference either the feeling of a time and place, or simply portray the land or its people in its natural state.

Entries may be commissioned or self-commissioned;
An entry may be presented as a series, such as diptychs, triptychs, etc;
There must be no attempt to misrepresent reality by disguising elements or manipulating the content, context or meaning through any permitted post-production editing;
Except where specified as permitted above, entries must comply with all rules, entry terms & conditions, and the In-Camera – Non-Composite entry criteria;
When naming your entry, use the Category Code – TV.


Permitted post-production techniques include basic processing using:
Tonal control
Colour control
Black & white conversion

Restrained use of:
Noise reduction
Lens correction
Leveling of horizons
Perspective correction
Removal of dust spots, sensor spots, and scratches
Removal of incidental temporary blemishes
Stray hair removal
Removal of incidental elements that are outside the control of the photographer at the time of capture

Permitted camera techniques:
In-camera capture
Direct capture to polaroids and plates – will require digital reproduction
In-camera multiple exposure, with frames captured in sequence
Focus stacking (macro photography only)

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