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NZ Student Photographer of the Year


Open to all part-time or full-time students enrolled in a recognised tertiary institute in New Zealand, studying photography, or a similar creative programme. The spirit and intent of this category is to provide an opportunity for those studying to become a professional photographer. NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographers, either current or past, are ineligible to enter in this category.
Photographs may be of any subject matter or photographic genre;
An entry may be presented as a series, such as diptychs, triptychs, etc;
It is expected that all entries reflect a high level of originality;
Entering the Student Category forfeits the right to enter any of the main categories;
Images created under direct guidance of a tutor as part of your curriculum work can be entered into this category (excluding NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographers, either current or past), but are NOT eligible for entry into any of the main categories of the Awards;
Student entries do not earn or accrue merit points toward NZIPP Distinctions;
Except where specified as permitted above, entries must comply with all rules, entry terms & conditions, and the Open – Composite entry criteria;
When naming your entry, use the Category Code – ST;
All student entries must be entered under the student’s own name and entry registration profile. However, they may be sent in bulk by your education provider (see page 35 for details).


Permitted post-production techniques:
All forms of post-production
Composite images
Textures and borders (100% photographic)
Use of entrant-created presets and/or third-party presets/plugins, such as, Nik, Luminar, etc.

Permitted camera techniques:
All forms of in-camera techniques including any form of multiple exposure.

Third-party bought or downloaded digital backdrops are not permitted;
Third-party backdrops with identifiable elements created or sold for the purpose of being photographed are not allowed;
Excludes the use of computer generated elements, (eg. where the computer automatically renders an element such as a person, landscape, sky or other item that the camera did not capture).


The Student category is proudly sponsored by Lumix.

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