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All entries are judged anonymously.
Judging is carried out by panels of five respected judges. A panel chair facilitates the judging, which in turn is overseen by
the NZIPP Honours Council.
Judges are selected based on their experience, historical and contemporary photographic and arts knowledge, their
genres of expertise, and ability to articulate their thoughts.
Judges independently assess an entry, scoring it out of 100, to reach an average initial score. A debate occurs when one
or more judges have scored outside of the initial average range, and they make a challenge to this initial score. During
the debate judges present their opinions on the entry. Following debate, the entry is re-scored, from which the final score is
Entries receiving a score on the cusp of another award range (7 9 or 89) are immediately reviewed. Judges are then asked to
decide if the entry remains at that score, or moves to the next award range (80 or 90).

Finalist judging takes place in a closed forum, by a panel of five judges. Judges have the opportunity to discuss each finalist
folio presented, before ranking them and identifying their top entry.
» In-Camera and Open categories – the top three-highest scoring entries from the top three (or more where entrants
are tied) highest aggregate entrants within the category;
» Student Category – the top two highest-scoring entries from the top three highest aggregate entrants within the
» NZ Photographer of the Year – the six highest-scoring entries from the three NZ entrants with the highest overall
aggregate scores across all categories, except the Student Category;
» International Photographer of the Year – the four highest-scoring entries from the top three highest aggregate
international entrants, across all categories,
All winners are determined by a majority decision. Once a decision has been reached it is final.

Please Note:
There are only three days of live judging available, so it is possible the Honours Council will have to cap the number of entries
that are judged live. Due to expected numbers, all prints will be judged live in 2021. If entry numbers mean that all digital entries
can go straight to live judging that will happen, but if not, there will be a preliminary judging round for digital entries. During
preliminary judging the digital entries will each be judged ind ependently by five judges in their own time. This will not be li vestreamed.
The Honours Council will then take as many digital entries as possible through to live judging, based on the overall top scores
received in preliminary judging. Digital entrants are therefore not guaranteed to have any entries judged live, but every entry
that is not judged live will receive written feedback in addition to its score (and possible award).
During the live judging, if there is no debate, a judge is invited to offer some educational feedback on the work.

Being a category finalist, category winner, or winning Professional Photographer of the Year is certainly an achievement.
Selection of the winners is carried out in a closed forum, by a panel of five judges who will be looking for:
• Consistent mastery of technical and aesthetic control;
• Innovation and creativity; originality; diversity; strength of communication, emotion and/or concept.

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