NZIPP Family Photographer of the Year


The Family Category champions the excellence, innovation, creativity and technical mastery present in the real
photographic work that professional family and portrait photographers produce within their day-to-day practice.
Emotional impact, connection and evidence of strong communication between the photographer and the
subject(s) will be considered as key ingredients in this category.
» Entries must have been commissioned by the family portrayed in the image.
» An entry is not required to have been the photograph sold to your paying client, but it must be from the same photographic session.
» Entries should represent the highest level of photographic excellence, based on either contemporary or traditional family portraiture, including portraits of individuals.
» Includes newborns, babies, pets with their humans, and family members of all ages and stages, created through posed, moment-based, studio or environmental portraiture.
» Birth photography may be more suited to other categories such as Documentary.
» Images of pets on their own (without humans) may be better suited to the Portrait categories.
» Photographs of the entrant’s immediate family are excluded. Immediate family refers to yourself, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings and their immediate family and pets (including members of blended families).
» An entry may be presented as a series, such as diptychs, triptychs, etc.
» The Family Category was set up to celebrate day-to-day work of family photographers. In recoginition of this day to day practice, the use of third-party physical backdrops is permitted in this category only. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure there are no breaches of copyright or license terms in use of the backdrop in a photographic competition. DIGITAL BACKDROPS ARE NOT PERMITTED.
» Except where specified as permitted above, entries must comply with all rules, entry terms & conditions, and the Open – Composite entry criteria.


The open categories are intended to reward technical and creative excellence in photographing and presenting images that allow for minor and major post-production, including compositing techniques, but excludes the use of computer generated elements (eg. where the computer automatically renders an element such as a person, landscape, sky or other item that the camera did not capture.)



Except where a texture has been photographed or created by the entrant.


Permitted techniques:

• All forms of post-production
• Composite images
• Textures and borders, (must have been photographed by the entrant)
• Use of entrant-created presets and/or third-party presets/plugins, such as, Nik, Luminar, etc.
• All forms of in-camera techniques including any form of multiple exposure.
• FAMILY CATEGORY ONLY - Third-party physical backdrops with identifiable elements are permitted in the Family category only as this is considered part of
the day to day practice of the family portrait industry.


• Third-party digital backdrops, textures or other elements are not permitted
• Third-party physical backdrops with identifiable elements are not permitted with the exception of the Family category. Third-party physical backdrops with
subtle patterns can be used in any category.
• Note: It is the responsibility of the photographer to ensure that any backdrops purchased from a thirdparty
are not excluded for use in a competition entry
• Excludes the use of computer generated elements (e.g.. where the computer automatically renders an element such as a person, landscape, sky or other item that the camera did not capture).


Make sure your image fits the category rules above.

Click here to download the “Preparing your files” section. All entrants need to follow these instructions to enter through our online entry portal.

Decide if you want to enter a digital image, or a physical print. Download the specific information for preparing digital or print entries below.

Download the information for digital entries here.

Download the information for physical prints here.



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