NZIPP Expressive Photographer of the Year



An expressive and freestyle photographic category that celebrates entries created for personal experimentation and/or exhibition purposes. Entries may include historical or more traditional photographic techniques, such as filmbased processes, cyanotypes, glass plates, tin-types, polaroids, collage, etc. This category is all about rewarding exploration of imagination, giving entrants the opportunity to create work that might be ineligible for entry in other categories.
» Entries may be commissioned or self-commissioned.
» Entries must be predominantly photographic in content and foundation.
» The size of your entry may not be larger than 60cm cubed (ie. 60cm x 60cm x 60cm maximum) and must be able to be handled by a single person.
» Books may be entered into this category.
» Any images used within an expressive entry, including books, may not be entered into other categories.
» All elements must be the work of the entrant, the only exception being supportive non-digital, mixed-media
content, such as paper, paint, ink, clay, thread, wood, wax, and found objects. For the purpose of these awards, found objects refer to natural or human-made objects or fragments of an object.
» Entries may be accompanied with an optional caption of up to 30 words, used to assist judges in assessing the context and/or specific techniques used.
» Except where specified as permitted above, entries must comply with all rules, entry terms & conditions, and the Open – Mixed Media entry criteria.
» Your name must not be visible on your entry. Please use a small piece of paper or sticker, etc. to conceal your name wherever it appears so that your entry can be judged anonymously.
» Online registration of entry (please also read the ‘Preparing your files’ section):
» A single, high-quality photographic image of the final work, including book entries, must be uploaded for all Expressive Category entries as part of the online entry registration.
» BOOK ENTRIES – The single image may be the cover or any page from the book that best represents your entry.


The open categories are intended to reward technical and creative excellence in photographing and presenting images that allow for minor and major post-production, including compositing techniques, but excludes the use of computer generated elements (eg. where the computer automatically renders an element such as a person, landscape, sky or other item that the camera did not capture.)



Except where a texture has been photographed or created by the entrant.


Permitted techniques:
• All forms of in-camera techniques
• All forms of post-production techniques
• Analogue processes (contemporary and historical) – will require digital reproduction
• Digital processes (contemporary and historical)
• Collage, mixed media, and typeface

• Third-party digital backdrops are not permitted
• Third-party photographic elements are not permitted
• Use of audio or digital presentation formats, such as video and projection, are not permitted
• Excludes the use of computer generated elements (e.g.. where the computer automatically renders an element such as a person, landscape, sky or other item
that the camera did not capture).

Make sure your entry fits the category rules above.

Click here to download the “Preparing your files” section. All entrants need to follow these instructions to enter through our online entry portal.

Your entry needs to be a physical entry in the expressive Category.



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